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Are you willing to change your belief in a young Earth, if presented with reasonable evidence that your belief is incorrect? 'Evidence' being geological, physical, chemical and biological data that has been properly documented and published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature?

I am willing to discuss this further, however, I don not want to discuss opinions, I would like to discuss facts. You and I. If you give me a challenge I will personally study it and bring it back to you. All I wish is that we may have an intelligent debate without name calling etc.

I come from an evolutionary background until one day a gentleman showed me the Bible. I took it, studied it, studied the apparent contradictions, compared geology, astronomy, anthropology and have come to my conclusion that the Bible is true and the universe is young.

I will consider ALL your 'evidence' fairly. And I will do my best not to toss back answers like, "He can do it because He's GOD." However, I will not try to figure out what GOD was thinking in areas because I do not feel I can make such a claim.

In response to your claim of peer-reviewed scientific literature. I must disagree that it would change my mind just because it was published and reviewed by peers, only because there has been many supposed peer-reviewed journals and publishings that have been later(much later) down the line exposed of either being frauds or just not correct. I do not trust in such a thing.

I will be completely honest with you, I do not believe in lying to get a point across, espicially when I believe that my Creator is watching me close.

Thank you for your reply. I hope you don't turn out to resort to name calling or repeating of fraudulent science. (recapitulation theory)

I look forward to your reply...thanks again.

If anyone else would like to reply, please keep it to factual science, and if challenges are brought forth, please give me time to study it...I am only one man, but I will get an answer back to you no matter how long it takes.
Thank you.
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