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Post Down by the Tomb

Let me first say, that I would give anything to have been hidden or invisible that night..from the first moment they laid Jesus in the Tomb to the arrival of Mary and Co.

You, see..I really do want to know what happend that morning.

Unfornately the Gospels accounts are a bit of mess aren't they?

Yet, one may..just may sift the truth of what happened. Maybe.

The earliest Gospel Mark has the tomb opened and a young man sitting there (albiet dressed in a white robe)and tells Mary not to fret, that Jesus will hook up with her and the diciples later.

The most reliable manuscripts end with this.
Just an empty tomb, and this young man talking to Mary.

Did the Essenes claim the body as theirs?

Matthew has the magic light show, and corpes coming back from the dead. We shall skip that.

Luke, now has 2 angels..oh yes they are now angels. We shall skip Luke.

but is going on here.

Mary after visting the empty tomb, immediately goes and tells the diciples that someone has stolen the body.

Peter and John check it out and confirm.

But,now we have a new character, the Case of the Mysterious Gardener.

Mary sees Jesus, but she doesn't recognize him according to John. She thinks it's the Tomb's Gardener. She makes a painful plea...If you took the body away, tell me where it is, so that I may retrieve it.

Suddenly she recongizes Jesus and they greet each other.

Did the local caretaker/gardener remove the body to keep sightseers from mucking up his garden.

Who knows..

I will leave it at that. Since most of you are familiar with Resurrection pros and cons.
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