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Post Question:

Assuming this is true, why hasn't anyone else found it?

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Red face

He is such an inspiration for the ways I will never ever choose to be...: :
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Actually there a number of claims from many different people of having seen the ark.
Whether you believe they are reliable is another matter, but there definitely are multiple claims.

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jesus Christ:
[B]Assuming this is true, why hasn't anyone else found it?

The CIA has photographs of Noahs Ark. I
heard this while watching Jack Van Impe's
television program last year. After his program aired, many people called the CIA
to see if this was true. The CIA confirmed that yes, Van Impe was correct and that they
do have the photographs.

You see this is one more reason why you should watch Dr. Van Impes weekly television

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Been doing a bit of searching on this. The sheer number of "arks" - all in different places and in different states of repair - suggests that this is an area which does not beg to be taken too seriously.

Most of the websites I found were from off the deep end fundies (Hi Jack Van Impe! ), or UFO/conspiracy nuts, but I've tried to sift out a few of the more sensible ones.

Even the Institute of Creation Research seems to take a pretty skeptical line on this sort of stuff.

An Insight Magazine article on the alleged CIA photos. Doesn't look very convincing to me.

And despite accepting the Genesis story uncritically, has a fairly wide range of articles, from the utterly credulous to the reasonably sensible. I did like the quote "Given the extensive research on Mount Ararat, it seems fair to say that if Noah's Ark has survived into modern times and is somewhere on Mt. Ararat, there are few places remaining on the mountain to search. There have been many expeditions, accounts, alleged sightings, anomalies, and claims of discovery involving Mount Ararat. What has been lacking is evidence that can be substantiated beyond a reasonable doubt. Given all the ground and aerial expeditions, one should surmise that if the remains of Noah's Ark are indeed on Mount Ararat, they are not in plain view", i.e. if it was as easy to find as Jack Chick thinks, it would have stayed found.

I didnít have much luck finding skeptical sites debunking all the claims, but from what Iíve seen, so far there doesnít really seem to be enough to be worth debunking.

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