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Question Book of Nicodemus

I came across this excerpt from the Apocrypha. it confirmed the mythical Longinous, the roman centurion who speared Jeshua Christo in the ribs while he hung ALIVE on the cross and thusly finished off the job. any comments would be very welcome.
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The book of Nicodemus (The Acts of Pilate) can be found on Yahoo searching for Nicodemus and, better yet, go to

I could not find any thing about Jesus' side being pierced.

thanks, offa
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thanks, offa- i found Longinous in the text. here's the excerpt:

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">and that the soldiers put on him a crown of thorns and that he was scourged and received condemnation from Pilate, and that he was crucified at the place of a skull and two thieves with him, and that they gave him vinegar to drink with gall, and that Longinus the soldier pierced his side with a spear, and that Joseph our honourable father begged his body, and that, as he saith, he rose again, and that (lit. as) the three teachers say</font>
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Thanks, I found Longinus in the last chapter of "Antiquities of the Jews" and have decided to write a story about him. He is going to become one of them acorns found by a "blind squirrel". Obviously Josephus knows a lot more about Jesus Christ than what is privy to the unwary reader.

Thanks, Offa

BTW, the Longinus Josephus mentions is not the same one that "pierced Jesus' side' and Nicodemus is actually the member of the Twelve Apostles known as "Thaddeus". However, ignore this remark because I want to write the the short story first .
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A short story? I'm doing a fiction series - comic book- where Longinus is the main character. i'd like to correlate with your work, because i hold unbiased historical research in high regard, (although there may be no such thing) and my story revolves around a futuristic post-ragnarok setting where humanity has progressed past its religious elder gods. the central piece, Longinus, is the lone immortal left to caretake the legacy of Man.
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Hey offa,

Thiering equates Thaddeus with Barabbas and "the prodigal son".
Where are you getting the connection to Nicodemus?

Just my 2sense
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Old 02-13-2001, 04:04 PM   #7
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Ender and 2sense;
I am flattered! I wish you would write to me via my
email address. I do not want to use infidels II as a go between.
Ender, I am interested, can you send me something? 2sense, yes,
Nicodemus was pardoned and replaced by Judas Iscariot. He was
later beheaded (I think, I know he was executed) by the same
Pontius Pilate because he was going to part the waters of the
Jordan. Pilate was soon removed from office for this act.
Now, Ender, without knowing, has led me to a great story.
This story will probably take me a year to write (and I know
I cannot write good grammar). The Venerable Bede made an
interesting comment on another post. It was about the gospels
not mentioning the fall od Jerusalem in AD 70. Bede,
inadvertantly, knows pesher. 2sense, thanks!

thanks, offa

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