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Originally posted by rodahi:
Nomad: I have answered each of your queries, only to be hit with yet more goal post moving questions. He holds a professorship with an actual university. Perhaps they hire amateurs in Europe, I do not know, but from this point forward I hope you will focus on the man's arguments, and not his educational credits.

rodahi: We shall see how long it takes before you attack the likes of G. A. Wells or Earl Doherty INSTEAD of their "arguments."


Nomad: I have not attacked Doherty at all rodahi, merely his arguments. At the same time, if I was to employ your methods on this thread (and the ones dealing with Kim) then where would that leave us?

You have attacked Morton Smith, Helmut Koester, John Shelby Spong, G. A. Wells, John Dominic Crossan, et all, personally. Over time, you seem to disparage anyone and everyone who disagrees with you.



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