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Originally posted by Polycarp:
<STRONG>An issue that relates to many of the discussions on this board is the origin of meaning as it relates to the writing of the Bible. By this, I'm saying "meaning" has three possible origins: the author, the text, or the reader. Let me explain...

A person who claims the author determines meaning believes that the "intention" of the biblical writer should determine how we interpret or understand the meaning of a biblical passage.

Someone claiming that the text determines meaning would say that the author's intention is irrelevant to what the text actually means. The passage in question means what the biblical text says it means.

Finally, one who says the reader determines meaning would argue that it is the person reading the text who decides what the bible means. This would allow for many meanings of the same passage if people attribute different meanings to it.

This topic involves any literary work, not just the bible. I think this topic is relevant to many of the discussions here because I think people with different views on this will have a tough time making progress in understanding each other.

What does everyone think about this?


When one can read a literary work and explain every detail about it without paradoxes or contradictions you will have understood the authors meaning.

The same is true with the bible. It is in fact true that translation errors are detectable by the reader who has such vision. The sad part here is that translators never or seldom have such vision or there would only be one translation possible.

I believe in literary censorship at least with regard to the bible. Religious fundamentalism is dangerous and has been the cause of many wars including this one.


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