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Always amazes me how easy these non Xians are to convince in these tracts. some guy explains "the Truth" to them and suddenly they realize their life has been wasted in sinful pride. perhaps the writer is prone to wishful thinking ~grin~
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Replying to the original post of why God chooses this method:

One reason is that it is an excelent water trail ordeal. In the ancient world survival of a life threating test meant you were innocent. If you died, you were guilty. Fire and water are the two most common ordeal elements. Also the flow of the passages shows that not only is this a destruction of the earth, it also is a re-creation, with a new Adam, a new covenant, and a re-landscaped earth. The flood is presented as much an end as it is a beginning. There are many other re-creations/tests in the Bible, the plagues of Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, the exile, etc. The lesson its hears would take are the righteous survive and God refines them into a better humanity.
The bow in the sky as a sign of covenant is typical archer covenant curse upon oneself. The gist is "If I fail to keep my end of the bargin may the bow and arrow be pointed toward me." Rainbow also is typical of the radience that supposedly surrounds God when he manifests in the ancient world.

While I'm not prepared in any way to argue the plausibility of the flood, I thought this would answer the "why a flood." When ever God does something "miraculous" in the Bible He does it in the symbols of the culture He is speaking to in order to teach a lesson

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