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Post Joseph of Arithmea

Joseph of Arithmathea was Jesus' brother James. In reading
the gospels you have to put yourself in the shoes of
the authors. Barbara Thiering writes that Jesus dictated
the "Book of John". The gospels are full of metaphors
(if that is the correct term, I am, after all, a construction
laborer/clerk and I murder the English language while
writing). For instance, the "Feeding of 5,000" is just
one person, kind of like talking about Eisenhower or Patton
when you are really talking about their armies.
The Pope is dead, long live the Pope. Actually the Pope
never dies because his position is not vacated. Adam never
dies because he is part of a hierarchy and his position
is "the gardener" (and it is not about fruits and vegetables,
it is about humans). James of Arithmathea was "the gardener"
that Mary mistook in the cave.
The location of the crucifixion was at Qumran and this
property belonged to the descendants of king David. The
superior chief priest (GOD) resided in Jerusalem whereas
the junior chief priest (son-in-law) resided at Qumran. This
was by Herodian/Roman standards. Christianity evolved from
Qumran (Galilee).

I say that you have to put yourself in the shoes of the
authors because, if they told the "truth" the myth would
be treated as Aesop's tales. So, they told the "truth".
I know that sounds confusing but remember, Ken Starr was
seeking the "truth" when we know that he was doing everything
thing in his power to fry Clinton's ass. So, in effect, when
we swear to tell the truth we are swearing. And, the book, the
bible .... it's full of truth's to swear to.

Richard Carrier wrote about "Eusebius the liar" and Eusebius
used Jewish past practices as an example. Well, a long time ago
I was taught by Josephus about these "lying practices".

Here are a few references (much to my chagrin because
I write my own stuff).

Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls

James, the brother of Jesus - The younger brother of Jesus,
born AD 1. James was conceived in wedlock, so for the
Hebrews he was the legitimate David. When Hellenists were
in power, James prepared to act as successor to Jesus, so
was called "Joseph". But under the Hebrews he would be the
David, so was called "Jacob" (James), the name for the
David king when with the Herods. For Jewish Christians,
who finally accepted Jesus as the Lord (Priest and Pope),
James as the David, so was called "Jacob" by them. James
also called "Absalom" by the critics, who regarded him as
the treacherous Heir of David. James held that Gentiles
should become proselytes, they should not be circumcised
but should keep aspects of the ritual law and obey Jewish
priests. On this point he was opposed by Paul, who allowed
Gentiles to abandon Jewish identity. James was stoned to
death in AD 62 on the orders of the high priest Ananus the

Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls
p. 425
6 Ant. 18:228. 'ari meth in Hebrew. This phrase may have
been used as a nickname for Agrippa, giving "Arithmathea".
James, or Joseph of Arithmathea", was a servant of Agrippa
at the time of the crucifixion.

The Works of Josephus, p. 491
ANT 18-228 Now Marsyas, Agrippa's freedman, as soon
as he heard of Tiberius' death, came running to tell
Agrippa the news; and finding him going out to the bath, he
gave a nod, and said, in the Hebrew tongue, "The lion is

James the Brother of Jesus, p.217 James' name in
both Hebrew and Greek was Jacob.

The liar part:
The Works of Josephus, p. 215
Ant 08-055 The copies of these epistles remain at this day,
and are preserved not only in our books, but among the
Tyrians also; insomuch that if anyone would know the
certainty about them, he may desire of the keepers of
public records of Tyre to show him, and he will find what
is there set down to agree with what we have said.

***In the above reference you have to understand that this
Tyre is not located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea
but, is actually Qumran. In other words it is a "he says
she says". Josephus implies that this Tyre is the island
that Alexander turned into a peninsula when he knows and
I know it is Qumran. BTW, Josephus does tell you about the
other "Tyre" (this Tyre) in another chapter. When documents
are based on hypocrisy they become "fundie fodder".

The Works of Josephus, p. 322 Ant 12-233
Moreover, he built courts of greater magnitude than
ordinary, which he adorned with vastly huge gardens. And
when he brought the place to this state, he named it Tyre.
This place is between Arabia and Judea, beyond the Jordan,
not far from the country of Heshbon.

*** The above is about the other Tyre. BTW "beyond the
Jordan" means beyond the wady Kidron and Arabia is
probably Ain Feshka. The bible is so full of pseudo
names and locations (also times) that those who read
in the ideal language are screwed.

ANT 13.146 Moreover, he sent him vessels and cups of
gold, and a purple garment, and gave him leave to use them.
He also presented him with a golden button, and styled him
one of his principle friends; and appointed his brother
Simon to be the general over the forces, from the Ladder of
Tyre unto Egypt.

**The above is just trivia. The "Ladder ot Tyre" is Jacob's
ladder and "Egypt" is Qumran.



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