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Originally posted by Sephiroth:
Hey, offa, how are you being forced into being an Atheist? You're not exactly living in China.
offa: I apologize for writing "forced" when the correct term
should have been "by default." It is not my choice to
an atheist. Now, if I want to join the American Legion
I have to sign a paper saying, "Do you believe in God?"
(That is not the exact wording.) I will not sign it
because, even if I did believe in God, If I affirmed
that, then, I must not believe in God, for that is a bond
between yourself and God and not a pledge between yourself
and a fellow human being. If I sign it and say, yes, I
believe in God, even though I do not believe in God, that's
o.k., I simply would have admitted that I was an atheist.

The United States of America is not a free country. Our
motto "In God We Trust" has a Judaic background and is
kind of like the first four of the Ten Commandments,
a slogan meant only for those who qualify. We have to
pay Income Tax and abide by laws we may disagree with.
In Kansas the students in public schools our not allowed
a contemporary education. Our public libraries are
censored by theists and, someday, our internet will
likewise be censored because Freethought, apparently, is
not a freedom.


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